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Hey guys, welcum to my new site! I'm Jay and I just started this site. I'm 19 years old and I'm a freshman in college. I'm also gay, if you didn't figure it out. When I was in high school I ended up meeting a lot of guys who were also gay--friends, strangers, and team mates--and I got to have experiences with some of them before I came out. I want to share some of those stories and also some that I wish were true (but aren't!).

I know some ppl might get offended talking about sex stuff, so if you're under 18 you should go back to the site that directed you here since the stories area contains sum pretty hot stuff. Lemme say it again for those who don't read well: DO NOT ENTER THE "STORIES" SECTION OF THIS SITE IF YOU ARE UNDER 18!

But other than that, I'm lookin forward to this experience, getting to talk to other guys who love speedos and who hopefully have some good stories of their own. So look around and have sum fun! Maybe if y'all are lucky I'll post some pics of myself in (or out of) speedos. :)


13 February 2005

New Story! Read part one of my story about my roommate and the night that things got a little out of control....

11 January 2005

The final part of the Winston story is up! Get ready guys, cuz I'll have another awesome story for ya cumin' soon. Plus, I have an idea for a fictional story... just read the end of the Winston one and tell me if you like it.

7 January 2005

I just posted part two of the Winston story! Part three's gonna blow your mind, so check back often. It should be posted on Monday.

6 January 2005

Another Speedo Story is online! Read part one of my story "Winston" and tell me what you think. And unlike the Michael Phelps story, this one actually happened for the most part.

Other Cool Stuff

Nuthin at the moment. Sorry dudes.


If you got 'em, maybe I'll use 'em. Just e-mail me. They have to be good though. Make sure the e-mail subject says "suggestion for Speedo Stories" or else I'm just gonna think it's spam and delete it. My email is dwphishphan@yahoo.com so if you have stories maybe I'll read 'em, but to be honest I like my own and think they're kinda hot.

Hot Guy Of The Moment

I found a ton of freakin' hot speedo pics at this guy's Yafro web page, so lemme link you to him to start. His name's Scott and he gets pics of every guy I ever wanted to bone. So here's a small one of his, I don't wanna disrespect him and post full-size pics of his subjects, so go to his site and give him props.

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